Things I like festivals…music, dancing (particularly childlike free dancing) and funfairs. Music festivals are like lots of mini holidays of greatness throughout the summer. However, there are two things I HATE about festivals and they are…. flower crowns and festival fashion. You are not some hippie summer goddess cause you are wearing plastic flowers you […]

And by your best I mean camouflage yourself in as many patterns as possible. The reason why this dressing method (which is NOT just wearing whatever random material first touches your hand in the morning…that is a lie that is exactly what I am talking about) is so advantageous is because it acts as a […]

Things I like…the idol corner. In my room I have what I like to call my idol corner, which is filled with people who enrich my life and make it special and wonderful, people who inspire me and add colour to my world, Some of these people im lucky enough to know and and some […]

Things I like/hate… ghost stories, conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries (Do you remember unsolved mysteries? that was a great show) I love reading/hearing ghost stories but they absolutely terrify me and give me that sort of adrenaline fear/alive feeling that you get from a really good roller-coaster. Sometimes when I’m bored on the internet (Damn […]

Things I love… Peanut Butter (I have no idea about peanut butter and jam (jelly?) that seems crazy to me but each to their own… I have also heard good things about peanut butter and bananas, again seems crazy to me) Peanut butter is incredible, especially whole nut peanut butter that only has about three […]